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Who am I?
My name is Fabian and I am 21 years old.
Currently I am studying Computer Science at the Technical University Munich.
I am mainly a backend developer but I also accept full stack projects
You can contact me here
C / C++



July 2019


I participated in the #BuildOnWAX contest with the project pink.network which serves an api for a dapp on the WAX blockchain. A friend and I coded the smart contract and the api layer + the example application betpink.gg within two weeks to fulfill the contest deadline. This was my first blockchain project which I successfully finished and which also provided tools for other devs like a npm module and a rest api with documentation.

June 2019

RGB LED Music Controller

I love music and was fascinated by the light show of big events, so I had the idea to code something related to it and decided to synchronize RGB LED strips to music and also to integrate the control of the LEDs in a smart home system (HomeKit) so it can be used as normal lighting as well.

May 2019

Portfolio Website

I finished my portfolio website which shows my biggest projects so far. The main reason behind that was to keep track of my noticeable projects since I have forgotten so much of them which I recognized during the development process of this site.

April 2019


Got.Show was a university project we coded in a team of 15 students 6 weeks before the final Game of Thrones season was released. We tried to scrape multiple fan wikis for detailed tv show and book information as the story line was different since season 6. We used this data to train a neural network which could predict the likelihood of death of every character who is still alive and does not play a completely irrelevant role in the story. This was only possible because in Game of Thrones an unusual amount of characters had already died so we could use this data to train the neural network. After the release of the website there was a stunning amount of news reports. Reuters interviewed us and the video was sent in multiple television channels. Even the New York Times wrote a small article about us. This was followed by nearly every german newspaper or online news site (about 400 articles).

March 2018


FrogTrades was my first step away from gambling sites but still was related to virtual items and based on the code of my past sites. It allowed the users to upgrade multiple or downgrade single items by trading with bots and the on-site inventory. This still needed a bunch of changes since the trade offers had to be fair for both sites and not like the deposit and withdraw system before where the offers were only one-sided.

February 2018


Wagerskins was the first project I did not code from ground up myself. The client was unhappy how the site worked and the huge amount of bugs, so he asked me to redo the backend and I replaced the complete code with my already existing csgo gambling backend and made a few changes. This was only possible because I tried to maintain a good code style which could be adopted to other sites fastly.

October 2017

Started Studying At TUM

The Technical University Munich is one of the biggest and best universities in Germany and even has good results in worldwide rankings. It was immediately clear to me that I want to study there as I already lived in Munich and as they accepted me a couple of hours after I had applied.

August 2017


I used the few free weeks between school and university to improve the code of csgofrog and create a new site KingOfTheFrog. This site was very similar to my other gambling sites but accepted h1z1 skins instead of csgo ones.

June 2017

Graduation from School

After 12 years of school I finally graduated from it with the grade 1.5. My major subjects were English, Mathematics, Physics, Economics and Law, German and my minors were Philosophy, Biology, History, Art, Sports.

January 2017

Line Following Robot

In the last two school years we had a seminar which was about building a line following robot. Everyone built one himself and wrote a paper about it. My topic was "Controlling an autonomous robot with the arduino uno". This was the first time that I also had to build the hardware for the code I wrote, even though I already programmed a lego mindstorms robot when I was a kid. The line was detected with an array of 8 light sensors and two DC motors were responsible for moving the robot. A proximity sensor detected obstacles like a bottle on the line which had to be bypassed.

November 2016


CSGOFROG was the first project I fully did for a client as a freelancer and when I started to earn money with my programming skills. Even though some of my last projects were also aimed to earn money, this was the first time it really worked and was more than pocket money. The site had more than 100.000 users, a database greater than 50 Gb and 100 actively playing users at the same time. This brought some small scaling issues which could be easily fixed and showed me how to correctly scale applications. Hackers tried to take the site down and find exploits nearly daily which teached me how to secure a website and protect it against DDoS and other standard attacks as good as possible.

October 2015


CSGOPUSH was my first commercial aimed website even though it was not a great success. CsGo gambling sites were booming at the time and me and a friend decided to develop an own one and improved the concept of the already existing sites. This was the first extremely big project I worked on since it needed everything I learned so far: PHP, Python, MySQL, Trading Bots, Scraper, Websockets, Javascript.

June 2015

Travian Internship

My second internship was at the quality assurance department of Travian. Mainly I tested the browser games of the company and searched for bugs but I was able to see other departments as well like marketing, graphic design, game design and obviously development which gave me a better insight into web development in huge projects.

June 2014

T-Systems SAP Internship

My first internship was at a T-Systems department which managed the SAP servers of other companies. I learned to write small applications in ABAP, the programming language of SAP, and how the development process works in bigger teams and in production environments where programming mistakes could cost millions. During this internship I talked to computer science students and made the plan to study something in this direction.

February 2014


AceClan was more a just for fun project because we did not need a clan site at all but since I had the domain for our teamspeak server, we could use it for a website as well. The aim was to show some information about us and the games we play and the TeamSpeak and Steam integrations were useful to see whether someone was online.


Minecraft Server Manager Website

My first big project was the website for our own Minecraft server. Back in the days when Minecraft plugins did not had as many features as nowadays, it was hard to buy properties on a CityBuild server. To solve this problem I developed a website which listed all available properties and the users could buy and sell their land directly on the site. If they want to give other players the permission to build on their region, they could add them easily as well. This website used the first versions of my own PHP framework but I recoded it a couple of times because I was not happy with the structure from which I learned a lot. A critical part of this website was the communication to the Minecraft server because commands had to be executed to change the protection of the properties and was realized through a socket connection via a Minecraft plugin.


Several Small Clan Websites

I created our first clan sites and even made a website for a small youtuber. Mostly I gained a lot experience in this year and started working on my own PHP framework.


Started Learning Programming

We started to learn HTML at computer science in school. I loved the concept of creating websites immediately, so I continued to learn things like CSS, JavaScript and PHP at home. I did not go to courses but self-teached me everything and learned programming by working on own projects. This means I have a programming experience of 9 years now.

July 2009

School: Isar Gymnasium

After I had finished the primary school I went to the Isar Gymnasium which was an all-day school with another learning concept and was the place where I made the first contact with programming.



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